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Agnes Accelerated

At Agnes Scott, we're constantly in awe of what our students can do. And we want to make sure we're offering ample opportunities to support and advance their achievements.

Below are two opportunities exclusive to Scotties: the Early Assurance Program and the 4+1 Bridge Program.

Agnes Accelerated Early Assurance Program

Undergraduate Agnes Scott students can apply to the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master of Arts program at Agnes Scott as early as their junior year through our Agnes Accelerated Early Assurance Program. 没有完成学士学位的合格学生将在完成本科学位后获得有条件的接受,开始他们的硕士课程.

The application process begins during a Scottie’s junior year or after 76 hours of coursework. 临床心理健康咨询课程将在学生以良好的成绩获得学士学位后开始. 这个项目为有兴趣从事咨询工作的本科生提供了毕业后有明确道路的机会.

Students participating in this program benefit from the combination of a strong, foundational undergraduate experience and early acceptance into a competitive counseling master's program, thus shortening the application process for graduate schools. 

  • 被录取的学生开始他们的大四或最后一年的本科学习,知道他们的研究生计划. 
  • 学生进入一个紧密结合的队列社区,专注于现实世界中交叉和社会正义导向的心理健康实践.

Submit Application to Participate in the Agnes Early Assurance

  • Eligibility to apply:
    • Bachelor’s degree-seeking students who have earned a minimum of 76 credit hours 
    • Good standing at Agnes Scott and a 3.0 GPA minimum
  • Application requirements:
    • Submit a standard, online graduate application, selecting the Clinical Mental health Counseling program for the most current term. 
    • (2) Recommendations: One from SUMMIT or major advisor, and one from a faculty member who has taught the student
    • Statement of purpose
    • Copies of undergraduate transcripts - Scotties, we have you covered. Your graduate admission counselor will request Agnes Scott transcripts from the Registrar. Just submit any transcripts for other undergraduate or graduate institutions you have attended.
  • Participation Awarded: 艾格尼丝早期项目的申请人与所有其他研究生申请人一样,对相同的录取标准负责, 并且必须在进入临床心理健康咨询项目之前完成学士学位.  

Bachelor’s Degree-Seeking Students Admitted in the Agnes Accelerated Early Assurance program

  • Conditional Acceptance: 被录取的学士学位学生将收到一封“有条件录取”信. 
    • Conditional acceptance means that accepted students must maintain a minimum cumulative 3.通过完成学士学位,可以进入临床心理健康咨询硕士课程. 
    • Students who are not able to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA could lose their spot in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program.
    • 学士学位授予后,您需要支付350美元的入学保证金,以便在秋季队列中预订座位.
Applicants must have final transcripts documenting an earned bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 by the deadline stated in their admission letter. Your graduate admission counselor will request these from the Registrar’s office on the student’s behalf.

Accelerated 4+1 Masters Degree Programs

Fast-track your future with our Agnes Accelerated 4+1 Bridge Program, a bachelor’s-to-master’s bridge year program designed to save you both time and money, created specifically for motivated, purpose-driven, bold students just like you.

Through the 4+1 bridge program, 您将能够无缝地将我们本科SUMMIT经验的学术卓越与我们前瞻性的研究生学习机会相结合, 有效地在五年内获得学士学位和硕士学位(传统硕士课程的学生需要六年).

Scotties with 76 credit hours can apply to participate in any of our innovative master's programs:

  • Medical Sciences Accelerated (M.S.): 通过我们为期12个月的课程,通过研究生水平的课程为竞争激烈的医疗和卫生专业课程的申请过程做好准备, in-person cohort program that includes clinical practicum experiences.
  • Medical Sciences Traditional (M.S.): This 24-month, 面对面的医学科学课程为学生提供了一个机会,通过先进的科学课程和临床实习经验来加强他们的学术成绩.
  • Strategic Communication (M.S.): 我们的战略传播硕士和研究生证书课程帮助您提高有效传播和数字媒体的知识. 
  • By beginning your graduate studies in your senior year at Agnes Scott, you’ll be able to earn up to six credits of graduate level coursework before graduating.
  • You’ll integrate cutting-edge graduate coursework into your final undergraduate year, enhancing your experience.
  • By earning your master’s degree in less time, you’ll have the chance to jump-start your professional career as a leader and innovator.

Scotties in their first and second year of study can use that time to explore their options. 参加阿格尼斯加速4+1桥梁课程的申请程序在苏格兰学生的大三开始. Once you have completed 76-hours of your undergraduate coursework, just follow these steps:

  1. Submit a completed Agnes Accelerated Application  
    • Typically the second semester of your junior year, but no later than the first semester of your senior year.
    • See the Application Process tab below for full application requirements and deadlines.
    • Contact us at to apply.
  2. Once approved to participate, 艾格尼丝加速课程的学生在本科的最后一年(不包括夏季)需要最多六个学分的批准的研究生水平课程。.
  3. These six credit hours of graduate coursework will count as electives toward your bachelor’s degree, 只要你在本科的最后一个学期申请了相关的硕士课程,这些成绩就会被包括在你的本科GPA计算中.
  4. Until your bachelor’s degree is conferred, you remain a bachelor’s degree-seeking student for purposes of federal and state financial aid, as well as any aid awarded to you as part of your undergraduate admission.
  5. During your final fall or spring semester as an undergraduate student (whichever is your last), 你需要提交一份完整的研究生入学申请,才能在获得学士学位后成为一名攻读硕士学位的学生.
    • The process is simplified for Agnes Accelerated participants: you just need to complete a new application. 您可以选择使用最初为Agnes Accelerated提交的相同材料,也可以在研究生入学申请中更新您的材料.
    • 如果你的4+1申请成绩良好,并且在每门研究生课程中都获得“B”或更高的成绩,你就可以保证进入与你的4+1申请相关的硕士课程. If you have not met these criteria, admission into the master’s degree program is not guaranteed, and will be considered on an individual basis.
  6. 一旦你获得了学士学位,并获得了艾格尼丝·斯科特大学硕士学位课程的录取和注册, 通过Agnes加速课程获得的B级或更高的研究生学分将计入您的硕士学位要求.
  • 艾格尼丝·斯科特学士学位的学生谁已经获得了至少76个学分可以申请(通常在三年级的春季).

  • Students from any undergraduate major are eligible.
  • 学生必须在正规博彩十大网站排名有良好的信誉,并达到最低GPA和先决条件的研究生课程入学要求,才有资格参加该计划.

  • Graduate coursework begins either fall or spring semester.

We recommend that interested students talk with their SUMMIT adviser, 学院顾问和/或研究生入学顾问在申请之前确定哪个项目最符合学生的兴趣和目标.

如果你已经完成了你的学士学位,或者将在开始研究生学习之前完成你的学士学位, we encourage you to learn more about our application process for our graduate programs.

If you are looking for information about applying to Agnes Scott to earn your bachelor's degree, please visit our undergraduate admission webpage.


  • Agnes Accelerated 4+1 Program application 
  • 两(2)封推荐信:请在将推荐人的信息输入4+1申请前至少两周联系推荐人,以确认他们可以为您提交推荐信.
    • One from SUMMIT or major advisor
    • One from a faculty member who has taught you
  • Statement of Purpose: a one-page, single-spaced (or two-page, double-spaced) statement that details your reason for pursuing this program.
  • Writing sample (required only for students applying for Strategic Communication)
  • Copies of official transcripts - your graduate admission counselor will request these.

Contact us at if you have any questions about the application process.


  • Do I pay a different tuition rate as an undergraduate student taking graduate classes?
    • Tuition remains the same while seeking your bachelor's.
    • After receiving your bachelor's degree and enrolling as a graduate student, you will pay the graduate student tuition rate. 

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